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Welcome to Arango ORM (Python ORM Layer For ArangoDB)

arango_orm is a python ORM layer inspired by SQLAlchemy but aimed to work with the multi-model database ArangoDB. It supports accessing both collections and graphs using the ORM. The actual communication with the database is done using python-arango (the database driver for accessing arangodb from python) and object serialization, validation, etc is handled by pydantic.


python -m pip install arango-orm

Differences from Pre 1.x versions

  • Based on pydantic2 instead of marshmallow
  • Type hints for better IDE experience
  • Faster and generally simpler

Native vs ORM field names

ArangoDB has special field names (_key, _from, _to) but pydantic ignores instance attributes that start with underscore. So internally in arango-orm collections the key_ field is key_, _from is from_ and _to is to_. However setting the data still works with both styles thanks to pydantic field aliases.